1. Why don’t you use pictures?

A. Because we do not want to take someone else’s work illegally. 

B. Because we’re not going to be bitched at because we used someone else’s work.

C. Because its much easier to work with a template.


2. When was this blog created?

March 25th, 2012

3. Who runs this blog?

Brittany: thebeautifullifeofme 

Griffin: hoofprint-heartbeat 

Isabel: againstexpectations

4. Can I help with this blog?

Not at this time.

5. Why aren’t you posting?

Because we’re busy and we do have other things to do besides update the blog. 

6. Why isn’t my secret posted?

A. It was offensive so it wasn’t posted.

B. I never got it.

C. It could be in the queue.

D. If you recently sent it in beware that it will be awhile before your secret is posted. 

7. How do I know if my secret is offensive?

Submit it. If it doesn’t show up on the blog in a couple days/weeks it was offensive and will not be posted.

8. What are some examples of offensive secrets?

A. “I hate this breed”

B. “I hate this discipline”

Stuff like that.

9. My secret was reworded?

We try not to do this….but if we think it would make more sense with a period instead of a comma, stuff like that we will make minor changes. Nothing drastic. 

10. Why don’t you post who submits secrets?

They are secrets for a reason.